From security experts to DevOps engineers, the battle for the best IT talent has started. Here are the most demanded jobs in 2021!

Source:, Robert Half Technology – As the pandemic has forced companies all over the world to accelerate digitalization and reshape most of their business and industrial processes, they are preparing for a fierce competition to attract top tech talents.

The coming months will undoubtedly be rich in employer branding efforts and strategies to become top of mind with the best talents, and so are the opportunities for those thinking about their next career step.

All tech talents won’t necessarily be equal in the upcoming recruitment wave. But if your expertise and profile fit with the 10 most in-demand tech jobs, be ready to move from a passive to an active mode as opportunities will abound.  

Here are the 10 jobs expected to be most in demand for 2021, according to Robert Half Technology’s newest 2021 IT salary report.

Cybersecurity professional – Typical skills and experience: Ability to communicate and implement security policies and procedures; Managing security audits, threats, and vulnerabilities; Knowledge of compliance laws and regulations for the industry

Cloud architect – Typical skills and experience: State-of-the-art cloud technologies and architectural principles; Experience with scaling cloud applications; Understanding of cost, performance, and architecture of cloud systems

Database administrator – Typical skills and experience: Background in IT work or database administration; Oracle, Linux, and SQL skills; Data analysis and management and reporting skills

Programmer analyst – Typical skills and experience: Bachelor’s degree in CS, IT, or relevant field; Programming languages like Java, Java Script, C, C++, and .NET

Systems analyst – Typical skills and experience: Analytical and problem-solving skills; Data analysis and programming skills; Business and technical analysis as well as project management

Mobile applications developer – Typical skills and experience: Experience in mobile development; Analytical and problem-solving skills; Knowledge of iOS, Android, Objective C, HTML, XML, JavaScript

Network administrator – Typical skills and experience: Troubleshooting and communication skills; Analytic and diagnostic skills; Professional certifications

Software developer – Typical skills and experience: Knowledge of multiple programming languages; Strong communication skills; Certifications, bootcamps, and prior work experience are clear assets

DevOps engineer – Typical skills and experience: Coding and scripting skills; Automation, data management, and IT operations skills; Deep understanding of DevOps best practices

Help desk and desktop support professionals – Typical skills and experience: Tier 1: for entry-level positions that require less than two years of experience, an associate degree, or coursework at a technical school; Tier 2: for positions requiring two to four years of experience, a two-year or bachelor’s degree, and relevant work experience; Tier 3: four or more years of experience in a help desk setting and professional certifications

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