Start Engaging Potential Employers, Not Boring Them

Source: The Engineering Mentor

How are you different than the next candidate?

Did you have a unique experience that led you to a specific field of engineering?

What separates you from the thousands of other engineers who just graduated?

Too often, I see engineers who fail to use the profile summary on LinkedIn to really sell themselves and separate themselves from the pack. It’s just boring jargon and phrases that mean next to nothing.

Take this example from a student who I mentored:

Let’s count the ways that this profile failed . . .

  1. He had no WHY. There is no “why” to draw a reader in and let them know why and/or how you ended up pursuing these goals.
  2. Too generic. Be honest, you could probably apply this exact same profile to anyone in mechanical engineering going into the automotive field. If it can apply to others, then it is not going to make you stand out.
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