for patients

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We discover

Our unique Target Discovery Platform is transforming how medicines are discovered. Today our pipeline encompasses potential treatments in inflammatory diseases, fibrosis, metabolic diseases and infectious diseases.

We dare

Our no fear of failure culture fuels our ambition to explore uncharted territory in drug discovery.

We care

We are relentless in our drive to search for medicines with new modes of action, which address the disease itself rather than just treating the symptoms.


We are a biotechnology company developing innovative medicines intended to improve people’s lives.

We discover and develop new medicines in order to offer new and better treatment options to patients affected by inflammatory diseases, cystic fibrosis, metabolic diseases, fibrosis, and other diseases.


We deliver our discoveries to patients

We want to become one of the leading biotech companies in the world. Headquartered in Mechelen, Galapagos employs over 800 people across Belgium, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Spain, the UK, Switzerland, the US, and Croatia.

Our people make it happen

We all have a crucial part to play in something far greater.

Individually, as teams and as a company, we’re driven to never give up, pushing back the boundaries of what we know and think is possible. Because we know we can create a bigger impact by working together.

Success is not about job titles but the result of working together on something far greater. Something that lasts. Something that creates impact.



So – we identified our core, our way of working.
We act as pioneers. We embrace change. We raise the bar. We make it happen. These behaviors have brought us where we are today and will be our compass for the future.

This is the Galapagos Way.