Web3 Software Researcher (Bell Labs)

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Full Time


3-5 years min.



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Civil engineer, Computer HW / SW engineer, Electrical engineer, Information Technology


Are you passionate about improving how software and software systems get built? Do you have a strong research background in computer science with a proven publication track record? Do you love to write code and validate your ideas through tangible prototypes? Then why not join us in building the next generation of software systems at Nokia Bell Labs, the birthplace of software pearls like UNIX and C. As a Web3 research scientist in our team you will:

  • Define, explore and present new research challenges in the area of decentralized systems (blockchain, zero-knowledge proofs, smart contracts, … ) and privacy-preserving and trust-insertion technologies (trusted execution environments, differential privacy, secure multiparty computation, …).
  • Contribute to the technical definition of research objectives and programs.
  • Push the boundaries of the state-of-the-art in your area of expertise and publish the research at leading academic and/or industrial forums.
  • Build and present proof-of-concept demonstrators and convince others of your work.
  • Create new intellectual property through code, patents, prototypes, papers, etc.
  • Work with Bell Labs researchers across the globe, and external academic and industrial partners, on challenging technical research projects. Keep an active and visible role in the research community through conference committees and reviewing panels.
  • Work with Nokia business units and incubators to incubate research into early-stage products, transfer knowledge and to act as expert counsel in your field of expertise.

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Key Values

  • Build Your Professional Network
  • Front Line Technology And Innovative Projects
  • Early-Career Opportunities
  • Global Company, Local Environment