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Crafting a meaningful personal elevator pitch

Being able to introduce yourself with impact and in less than 40 seconds can definitively propel your career. Are you ready to create your powerful elevator pitch? A personal elevator pitch is a clear, quick message from and about you for an employer. It is aimed a briefly describing who

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Career Tips

When IT careers stall: 5 tips to jump-start progress

Does your IT career need a jolt of speed? Use these five tips to get moving again on your career path Source: The Enterprisers Project – A career in software engineering or IT can sometimes feel like high-stakes gambling. New technologies and languages are always emerging and evolving, and new

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Women in Engineering

How Tech Can Get More Women Into Software Engineering

Fixing all “leaks” in the career pipeline starts with encouraging more girls to study engineering right up to supporting (and financing!) women-led startups. Source: Builtin – Geetha Gandhi grew up with science. Her father, a rocket scientist at the Indian Space Research Organization, incorporated math and science into nearly every

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Employers News

ICEYE Approved as Full ESA Earthnet Third Party Mission – The Programme Opens Access to ICEYE SAR Data for Researchers and Developers

ICEYE radar satellite data is now fully integrated into The ESA Third Party Missions (TPM) programme, which allows for sponsored SAR (synthetic-aperture radar) data access to researchers and Earth Observation (EO) application developers. Helsinki, FINLAND – June 10, 2021 – ICEYE, Finnish New Space and global leader in persistent monitoring

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EVS prepares for a virtualized future in broadcast

With the increasing adoption of IP-based networks, the broadcast industry is shifting from hardware infrastructures towards dynamic software-defined domains. Which value does virtualization bring to the broadcast world? Virtualization is the next step towards what we call at EVS ‘Elastic Production’. By running multiple functions as virtual machines (VMs) on

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TDW launches Engineering Development Progam

In the Engineering Development Program, engineers meet TDW people all over the world, get to know different departments, and make connections and communication paths between them. TD Williamson’s Engineering Development Program (EDP) has been created for engineers by engineers. It offers new graduates an exclusive, one-of-a-kind rotational program of hands-on

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