Through EngineeTech365, we want to provide a modern, real-world answer to the complex forces that drive multi-generational tech talents in their job search journey, and a highly effective lever for employer organizations to promote their corporate values and boost their recruitment dynamics. As such, we integrate the most advanced technologies, deliver the best qualitative content, and enable the most dynamic interactions to create an extraordinary, truly unrivalled experience for tech talents and employers are well.

We always start with a face-to-face meeting to understand your career path, realisations, expectations and motivation. Based on this interview we will be able to present you with suitable opportunities, as and when they arise. More importantly, the one that will take your career to the next level.




EngineeTech365 is a global platform that adresses all candidates and all companies from all countries all over the world.

All candidates

Just graduated, junior, middle-aged or senior, EngineeTech365 is the world's platform for engineers actively/passively searching for their next career step.

all companies

Whether you are a large organization, a mid-sized company, a tech startup, EngineeTech365 connects you with the most talented engineers and tech profiles.


EngineeTech365 is accessible 365x24x7 wherever you are, whenever you want, whatever your device and browser. All you need is a web connection.


EngineeTech365 gathers engineers, employers, universities, high schools, Alumni's, developers communities, ..., into 1 unique global tech community.


Our strategy model is supervised by an Advisory Board made of recruitment professionals, career advisors, and technology experts from all over the world.


At the opposite of hundreds of job boards and search engines that focus on connecting people with jobs, we firmly believe that people should rather and firstly connect with the right employers – those whose vision, corporate values and achievements really fit with their own personal values, expectations and aspirations.
After all, meaningful jobs are created by great employers, not the other way around. To nurture our vision and beliefs, we are reshaping the complete candidate-company journey from scratch with the purpose to connect the right tech talents with the right employers and enable the ultimate fit.


Create your personalized corporate profile to present your company's values, culture, work environment, ... , and key differentiators as an employer of choice

Energize your employer brand through corporate videos and visuals, employee testimonials, brand advocacy, e-workshops, company news, links with social media, etc.

Develop dynamic interactions between EngineeTech365 and your own branding and recruitment channels - job site, LinkedIn & Facebook pages, recruitment campaings...

Publish selected positions and vacancies, and link them with you own job site to reach and attract the right candidates as quickly and efficiently as possible

Get premium access to the database of tech talents to identify atypical profiles and sustain your pool of candidates for your short and long term needs​

Foster your employer presence and attractiveness by participating to the e-conference programs, e-workshop series and social networks campaigns​