Leading transformations. Committed all the way.



Strategic Feasibility

Having a challenging strategy is what drives an ambitious company, but it’s equally important to make sure the strategy you’re about to deploy makes sense.

Strategic Design

INNOCOM has a very extensive experience in building masterplans that will allow your organisation to transform towards your desired future state.


Strategic Delivery

Realising a good plan can be very challenging, so we’re committed to guiding your organisation and people towards the end goal.


We're independent and loving it

At INNOCOM, we’re not bound to any other interest than yours. We want what’s best for you, our customer. We have no hidden agenda’s, we only focus on delivering real value.

We are an A+ student in our field

We continuously confirm our forefront position and thought-leadership in the latest Business and Technology insights, through a strong eco-system and a strong structural relationship with the academic world and we’re in touch with thought leaders on exponential technologies all around the world.

Missions together with you

We don’t just sell you the dream of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and we don’t just deliver a powerpoint and make our way out. We want to realise your ambitions and when we define together the best direction in which you can go, it’s equally important that we stand behind our recommendation.

INNOCOM has over 20 years of experience in guiding organisations making the right choices to realise their strategy. We are authorities in the field of Enterprise Architecture, Technology and Business & Digital Transformation. We don’t just do projects, we embark on missions together with our customers, to guide them all the way. Why do we use the term black coffee? Once you add something to your coffee, it will never be black again. And we feel the same about our promise to you: no compromises when it comes to quality, commitment and integrity.


Win-Win-Win situation

We believe in missions that are the best fit for our customers, you and INNOCOM. We believe in win-win-win.

Lifelong learning

We invest in our people. IC Institute, our centre for higher education, can offer you the best education on the market.


At INNOCOM, we believe in building the right knowledge. In our communities, we build INNOCOM together.

Sense of Responsibility

We put you in the driving seat to steer our missions and your career to make a real impact. We don’t micromanage, we enable.