Pipeline problems, meet pipeline solutions.



Regardless of the size, complexity, or location of a pipeline project, hot tapping and plugging is the preferred method for performing maintenance, repairs, or modification work that requires making safe entry into a live, pressurized line. The technology also makes it possible for pipeline owners and operators to isolate and bypass sections of pipeline so they can complete their projects without shutting down the system or losing product.


From shallow waters to the bottom of the sea, TDW helps offshore operators tackle demanding and complex projects while minimizing risk to production, pipeline assets, personnel, and the environment. With TDW non-intrusive technologies, you’ll avoid depressurizing and decommissioning your entire pipeline prior to offshore start-up, maintenance, repair, and other activities.


Pipeline owners and operators also use pigs to protect their product purity, remove unwanted materials and items from their line, prepare for pre-commissioning and inspection testing, and confirm pipeline defects. TDW, a global pigging solutions provider, delivers customized solutions for operators’ needs.


From shallow waters to the bottom of the sea, TDW helps offshore operators tackle demanding and complex projects while minimizing risk to production, pipeline assets, personnel, and the environment. With TDW non-intrusive technologies, you’ll avoid depressurizing and decommissioning your entire pipeline prior to offshore start-up, maintenance, repair, and other activities.



Pipelines are the infrastructure of the developed world. They fill a crucial need – to bring energy to those who use it every day, from home cooks to large-scale industries. And TDW has been there from the start. Although our history reaches back to the 1920s, when we helped bring electrical power to the fledgling American petroleum industry, we soon turned our attention to the nation’s emerging network of pipelines. Under the leadership of founder T.D. Williamson Sr., we focused on creating and supplying technology to keep those early lines clean and safe. That included responding to the War Emergency Pipeline Office’s request to develop a scraping tool for a new generation of larger pipelines supplying crude oil to the Armed Forces in Europe – a need met when Williamson, his son, T.D. Jr., and a young engineer came up with the steel, mandrel-bodied tool known today as the pipeline “pig.” As the years have ticked by and energy demand has soared worldwide, the pipeline industry has similarly expanded. And it’s safe to say that TDW has grown alongside it, achieving a worldwide presence. But that doesn’t mean our work is done. The same level of ingenuity that inspired the Williamsons to create the first pipeline pig, ushering in a new era of pipeline integrity solutions, is required from us every day. And now, the stakes are even greater.
The pipeline industry will continue to play a critical role in meeting growing global energy demands. Existing pipelines will require inspection, maintenance, and repair techniques to extend their life, and new pipelines will be required to add capacity as our energy needs continue to grow. And as energy demands grow, so will the expectations of the public regarding safety and environmental stewardship. Pipeline owners and operators will meet these higher expectations through integrity management – investing in technologies and experts to better inspect and maintain their pipelines. Other industry changes will include our work force. As the “Great Crew Change” continues, the value of an inter-generational workforce, where we learn from one another, is key. Employees value purposeful work, accelerated responsibility and paths to leadership. Moving forward, organizations with a culture defined by meaningful work, deep employee engagement, and strong leadership will attract and retain high-quality talent
Our commitment to our customers and ourselves is to distinguish TDW as the leading innovator of products and services for pressurized piping systems worldwide through uncompromising dedication to Quality, Health, Safety, and the Environment. As a privately held, family business, this unwavering dedication is demonstrated by:
  • Protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers, and the communities in which we operate.
  • Providing the highest level of customer satisfaction by meeting or surpassing their expectations for delivered quality and provision of safe work practices.
  • Implementing robust process controls that minimize variation and produce consistently high quality output while monitoring key indicators.
  • Driving continual improvement into our services, manufacturing, and business processes to achieve exceptional levels of operational excellence.
  • Ensuring that all personnel understand the value of delivering quality products and services while maintaining commitment to a safe and environmentally friendly workplace.
  • Continually educating our employees with respect to improving Quality performance, proactive Health and Safety programs, and Environmental stewardship.
  • Minimizing significant occupational health, safety & environment risks, preventing environmental pollution and promoting sustainable use of environmental resources where we operate.
It is our goal to provide the resources and support necessary to make Quality, Health, Safety, and the protection of our Environment an integral part of how we conduct our business.

Our programs are based on our firm belief that it is not what we take from this world that matters, but rather what we give back. Our personnel share this commitment to give their time and talent to enhance lives in our communities.

  • Employee Impact:  Our founders believed in the value of our employees and in the importance of giving back to our communities. Employees who participate in our Community Relations initiatives make a difference in the lives of others while working alongside their coworkers in cross-functional teams that help them develop skills for the workplace.
  • Community Impact:  Through our various initiatives, the TDW global family supports social services (like meals, housing, and financial stability), invests in educational programs, promotes local arts and culture, and funds civic development to strengthen our communities and raise awareness about important issues.
  • Business Impact:  Investing in Community Relations initiatives helps us deliver exceptional customer value to all TDW partners by reducing turnover, creating an engaged workforce, and retaining valued employees. We believe that our corporate responsibility also sets us apart when recruiting top talent.

TDW upholds the legacy of our founders by investing financial resources and participating in charitable initiatives around the world. With hundreds of company-sponsored volunteer opportunities, employees log thousands of volunteer hours that equal hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of community impact. See the specifics of our volunteer statistics from the past year in our



At TDW, our engineers wear many hats: they imagine, design, and deliver innovative products and solutions to the oil and gas industry. They collaborate on global projects that cross time zones and cultures. They reduce risk and help protect the environment. That’s why we offer comprehensive benefits, career development, global mobility, and more.

Global career opportunities

Commitment to health and safety

Initiative and integrity

Competitive benefits


The TDW Engineering Development Program (EDP) was created for engineers by engineers. It offers talented new graduates a one-of-a-kind rotational program of hands-on engineer training. Over this 15- to 18-month program, engineers gain exposure to TDW global business, where they will:

  • Develop engineering, business, and leadership skills.
  • Learn about various TDW customers and their needs.
  • Gain comprehensive knowledge of TDW businesses and services.
  • Explore various career paths within the company.
  • Connect with business and technical leaders.
  • Gain global business exposure.


"There is a uniqueness about our culture and the way in which we care for our employees that you don’t always have in larger organizations. While we continue to grow, there’s still that feeling you have of what the original owners intended, to build good products and have good services and take care of the people providing those things."
Data Analyst
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