The next generation of engineers will become part of an industry hungry for innovation − from developing new hydrogen solutions to advancing efforts to decarbonize.

Source: Forbes – I’m often asked what advice I would give to young engineers starting their career − and my answer is to embrace green-tech. The growth of this sector makes it an exciting time to join it, with so many opportunities to become part of building a more sustainable future.  

Choosing a career is one of the most difficult decisions we each face when starting out. Ahead of you stretches a future filled with unknowns: about your chosen field, how it will change over time, what the world will look like in the coming years, and how you will adapt and grow as a person.

My father’s friend who was a civil engineer made my career choice much easier. I had never previously met an engineer or considered this sort of work, but I listened as he described how an engineering degree taught problem-solving and critical-thinking skills that are valued in any field − almost like a superpower. “You can do anything,” he explained, and I was hooked.

The energy industry has changed beyond recognition from when I first joined it 15 years ago. My experiences during that period have shown time and again that my father’s friend knew what he was talking about. My career has taken me on a journey through all different types of energy − reflecting the industry’s more significant shifts − and the analytical skills I learned early on helped me adapt to each new twist and turn.

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