There are a number of questions you know will be asked during a job interview. One of those questions is often, “Why are you looking for a new job?”

Source: The Ladders – When you’re employed, it can be somewhat awkward to explain why you’re looking for a new job. Of course, you should always answer honestly. But, you also don’t want to bad-mouth your boss or current company.

So, how do you explain why you’re looking for a new job when you’re already employed? Here are five tips to help you out!

1. You’ve outgrown the position

Gone are the days when people stay with one company their entire career. But unless the position has grown and changed with you, your might feel bored or uninspired by the job.

It’s acceptable to state that while you’ve loved working for the company and have learned so much in your job, you feel that you’ve learned everything that you can and are looking for a job with new challenges where you can better utilize your skills and experience.

2. Explain what problems you’ll solve

While explaining why you want a new job is an acceptable answer, don’t stop there. Take it a step further and explain how you’re a problem solver, that you’d like to solve problems for the company, and how that advances your career.

For example, you could point out potential pain points the organization might be facing and then explain how you plan to solve them with your fresh ideas, experience, and knowledge. Then focus the rest of your answer on why this new job aligns better with your career goals and where you want your career path headed in the future.

3. You’re changing careers

One of the easiest ways to explain why you want to leave your current position is that you’ve changed career interests. It’s a sign that you know what works for you and what doesn’t—literally.

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