As someone with a lifelong curiosity about people, becoming a recruiter felt like a natural next step for Jessie K., who’s currently a university recruiter at Facebook responsible for finding and hiring software engineering interns.

Source: Today UK News – “I’ve always been interested in seeing what makes people tick and how their brains work,” says Jessie, who has a degree in psychology from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. “When I graduated, I knew I wanted my career to incorporate working with and meeting new people.”

She enjoyed meeting college recruiters during events at school so much that she became one, focused on financial services. And when Facebook came calling, she jumped at the chance to join the tech company—where interns sometimes get the opportunity to transition into full-time roles.

Here, Jessie shares the ins and outs of the software engineer intern recruiting process at Facebook, including how often she’s hiring and how to prepare for interviews.

What led to your job at Facebook and how did you know this role was for you?

About five years ago, Facebook reached out about a university sourcing opportunity. Immediately after my interviews were over I knew Facebook was the company that I wanted to work at. Every person I interviewed with was so enthusiastic about the work they were doing to hire the best builders and were super passionate about Facebook’s mission to bring the world closer together. Since joining, I’ve recruited at several colleges and hired thousands of interns and new graduates throughout the company. I’m still amazed that I get to work for such an amazing company, with some of the smartest people in the world.

How does the software engineer recruiting process work at Facebook?

Software engineering internships and full-time university graduate opportunities are open on a rolling basis. We hire thousands of interns each year to work on real teams and projects. Our recruitment season is usually busiest from late August to March because most of our interns work throughout the summer.

What is the software engineer intern experience like at Facebook?

Software engineer interns are matched to a team at Facebook about three months before the internship starts. Interns have the opportunity to make a real impact at our company. Most interns ship code or contribute to real-world projects in their first week. You’ll also have 1:1 time with a manager throughout your internship to ensure you are learning and growing. Finally, outside of the core responsibilities, you’ll have freedom to take on projects that really spark your interest.

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