Gerald Kelly, director of Professional Services at Sony UK TEC in Pencoed, Wales, speaks about why engineering careers are far more enriching and rewarding than many realise.


This should go without saying, but engineering roles are not simply confined to traditional factory settings. Jobs in the engineering sector are incredibly diverse and offer scope to work across wide-spread industries globally. Construction projects, theme park development, activewear, interactive technology and virtual reality are just some of the varied areas driven by engineering.

Those with an interest in enhancing infrastructure can play a pivotal role in building projects worldwide, while an interest in marine engineering could lead to designing, building and maintaining more robust vessels for the navy or commercial businesses. Whether engineers are transforming the face of smartphone technology, or attempting to transform the world we live in, it is evident that engineering careers are anything but uninteresting.

International travel

Many engineers are afforded the opportunity to travel thanks to the international demand for skilled workers in the sector. Engineering is global – and its skills transferable – and workers may frequently be required to travel to share their expertise with various clients, businesses, and government departments.

Thanks to this, an engineering role is not only constantly enriching from a professional perspective, it also offers greater job security and the…

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