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We are Alight.

For over 25 years, we’ve been a human capital and business partner to the world’s most influential companies, helping them get more out of their benefits, payroll and HR. We can help you understand what your human capital is saying and connect the dots between people, work and life so you can act on insight and start thriving together.

Are you ready for a next level transformation?

We help people and organizations thrive, but thriving today is… difficult. We’ve seen the work world transform and know what it takes to reach the next level: a happy workforce and wise technology. At Alight, we believe people are companies’ most important asset, and we know HR has the data to drive the business forward. We’re here to help them unlock those insights and get moving.



The world of HR, business and technology is exploding with promising data and solutions. But too often we see digital transformation create new problems even as it solves others. With more choices, more flexibility and more information, your people have more responsibility, more to navigate and less guidance than ever before. We believe that tech is only as good as the hands it’s in.

Who’s using it, what do they need and how we can connect the dots to inform better decision-making today, tomorrow and ten years from now?


Proton Therapy is considered the most advanced form of radiotherapy in cancer treatments that utilize ionizing rays. Thanks to the unique properties of protons, the tumor can be targeted more accurately.

The protons deposit the majority of their energy in a controlled zone, limiting exposure of the surrounding healthy tissues to potentially harmful radiation.

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We believe in the power of people and know that the best ideas can come from anywhere. We act with respect and accountability, mindful that our actions affect the lives of millions in meaningful ways.

We believe that every day is an opportunity for growth and are energized by going above and beyond what’s expected. We are one team, we focus on what matters, and know that for even the most difficult challenges, there is a solutions –  and we will find it.

We are forthright and genuine when we speak. People can always trust us to say what we mean and depend on us to do what we say. We are brave in spirit, act decisively, learn quickly and get it done.

We continuously reimagine what the future could be and believe that tomorrow is created by the actions we take today. We learn from one another, champion progress and challenge the status quo.